A downloadable game for Windows

A top-down shooter for the GameDevKnights Spooky Game Jam 2017

What you can't see can hurt you.

Set in a mansion built on top of a pet graveyard, your quest is to reach the end of the labyrinth of rooms. Visibility is limited, as enemies only appear when you shine a light on them. Watch your back, as enemies can come from any direction.


  • Dynamic Light System: Enemies are only visible if they are within your light's rays.
  • 7 Different weapons: Ranging from the flashy laser gun to the room-lighting flamethrower, you'd be sure to have enough to battle the undead horrors within.
  • Point-based exploration system: use points to unlock doors
  • 5 Different Enemy Types
  • A surprise at the end of the game

Note: Not all features and assets are fully-implemented due to time constraints.


MonstersInTheDark.zip 12 MB